Tuesday 22 October 2019

'Everyone should get a cuddly toy' - Schoolchildren have their say on Budget 2018

Jason Kennedy and Amy Molloy

Everyone has an opinion on how the country should be run - including a group of schoolchildren who have some creative ideas for Budget 2018.

Independent.ie paid a visit to Educate Together in Firhouse, Dublin to ask its pupils what they would do if they had €400m to make a difference.

From investing in a few new players for Shamrock Rovers to building a gigantic play centre, the bright and bubbly bunch offered their advice to Leo Varadkar and Co.

"Skipping ropes and toys, that's what I would give," one student said.

"Maybe a few pet shops because people need pets if they want to be protected," another said.

Many said they would help solve Ireland's housing crisis by building more houses for homeless people.

While one young boy prioritised the school itself.

"We really need a new bell," he said.

Let's see if the Ministers listen to their sound advice on Tuesday.

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