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VIDEO: #Budget16 Reaction: 'This government is living in a different world'


The government are "not living in the real world" and Budget 2016 is a "Late Late Show" budget with "one for everyone in the audience".

This was the view of opposition TDs speaking outside Leinster House tonight.

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Dublin Fine Gael TD Alan Farrell told independent.ie: "It's a fair reflection of the economic restoration which has occurred over the last number of years. It's given us a little bit of space in terms of the restoration of a number of cuts that were implemented in the last seven or eight years.

"But I suppose the most important one would be the USC which will allow particularly low income families take home more pay and ensuring the government's priority in getting more people back to work is realised."

However, Independent TD Finian McGrath said he sees it as a missed opportunity to help society.

"I think this government is living in a different world to many people in this State at the moment, with people on trollies, we've over 1,500 children that are in emergency accommodation. We've a major crisis in our disability sector in relation to residential care and respite care. And I think there was an opportunity there for the government to invest more in services rather than going for the popular issues of tax cuts.

"I accept that it will be popular with some elements of society.

"In my view, it leaves a big section of the population way behind," he said.

Fianna Fail TD Dara Calleary, who is in the same Mayo constituency as Taoiseach Enda Kenny, said today's budget does little to help regional development, and had a hidden cut of €45 million.

 "It's a very Late Late Show budget... It's a 'one for everyone in the audience'. Individuals will be happy but as a country it's not a good budget and Alan said it's a fair reflection of the government.

"It is a fair reflection of very divisive social policies once again.

Mr Calleary said there was nothing in this budget in the regions and nothing to encourage regional development.

"And in fact there is a hidden cut in the budget in €45m in the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation next year. So that shows this government is taking the recovery for granted."

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