Saturday 24 March 2018

'It's out of touch with people'

Louise Hogan

Louise Hogan

VINCENT Colman is married and living in Sutton, Co Dublin. The 71-year-old worked in the private sector for nearly 17 years before joining the IDA and Enterprise Ireland, where he advised businesses.

"My income has been cut and I'm paying more taxes. I'm fortunate enough, we can manage.

"But there may be further increases in gas and electricity and those will really impact on those just on the old age pension or other benefits, people right on the bottom of the scale.

"I'd see it as a government and civil service Budget that is totally out of touch with people and the business world.

"They left the old age pension alone, which I'd agree with, but they seem to be cutting the carer's allowance.

"There is nothing really about jobs and trying to grow the economy. The petrol charges have gone up, we are an exporting nation, so why make it more costly?

"Companies need to get their products off the island.

"The way people are talking you would swear it was the end of the world but let's all get together and work together. We have got to get a 'can do' attitude.

"We need to try and buy Irish produce where possible as if demand increases it gives companies a firm footing and helps them increase exports and employs more people.

"Also a general election is looming. I feel we need more people in the Dail who understand the issues facing the country and have a clear plan to address them. We need quality now, not quantity."

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