Monday 14 October 2019

Budget 2020: What we know


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Carbon tax to be raised by €6 per tonne.

A €31m 'Just Transition' fund for the midlands to help households and communities reduce their carbon footprint.

Fuel allowance to be increased by €2 in bid to counterbalance carbon tax.

Hauliers to get carbon tax rebate for one year, depending on outcome of Brexit.



Help-to-Buy scheme to be retained.

Tens of millions for affordable housing projects.



56,000 new medical cards for the over-70s.

New pilot statutory home case scheme to be rolled out in 2021.

Prescription charges for the over-70s to be reduced by 50 cents to €1 per item.

Cap on a family's monthly Drugs Payment Scheme to be reduced by €10 to €114.

€100m to reduce waiting lists.

Free GP care for under-eights from September.

Free dental care for under-sixes from September.

Funding for one million homecare help hours.

€60m to hire 1,000 frontline staff in community.

100 new disability therapists.



€100m to counteract unemployment linked to Brexit.

No increase to old-age pension.

Christmas bonus to be paid at a rate of 100pc in December.

€3 increase to Qualified Child Allowance.

Living Alone Allowance to increase by €5 in March.

Funding for two weeks' parental leave from November.

No change to child benefit.



The €13,000 entry point for USC to be raised slightly to counteract minimum wage rise.

Home Carers' Tax Credit to be increased by €100. Carers will also to be allowed to work outside the home for an extra 3.5 hours a week.

Inheritance tax threshold of €320,000 to rise by €15,000.

Excise duty on cigarettes to rise by 50 cents.

No change to price of alcohol.

Increase to the self-employed income tax credit of €150.

Dirt, the tax on savings, to be reduced from 35pc to 33pc.



A 1.5 percentage point increase to commercial stamp duty will raise €135m.

Reform of betting tax.

Criteria for small schools to retain teachers to be eased.

A 30-cent rise in the minimum wage to €10.10 an hour.

€200m for costs associated with the National Children's Hospital and National Broadband Plan.

€1bn Brexit package, of which €650m will be borrowed if there is no deal.

Millions of extra for childcare.

Funding for 700 extra gardaí.

Employers to be hit with 0.1pc increase to National Training Fund.

1,400 special needs teachers.

Money to support hosting Euro 2020 and Ryder Cup 2026.

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