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Monday 20 November 2017

Budget 2013: Twitter goes wild over tax on wine

Brian O'Reilly

Brian O'Reilly

AS soon as Michael Noonan began revealing this year’s Budget, Twitter began to buzz as people gave their reaction.

The measure which grabbed much focus was the €1 increase in duty on a bottle of wine.

Property tax has also captured many people’s attention - however, with these changes already well leaked in advance, the surprise €1 on their bottle of plonk was what seemed for many to be Budget 2013’s nastiest surprise.

Here are some of the most amusing tweets sent out during the Budget speech:

Colm Tobin@colmtobin:

This is sounding like a eulogy already. #budget13


No complaining now. It's time to take your medicine. Unless you're a banker. Or a politician. #budget13

Colm Tobin@colmtobin:

So we're changing car regs. because next year is 2013? What's next - penalty points for breaking mirrors and driving under ladders? #budget


Like an idiot I bought a million Euro home, had a baby and took up smoking today. #budget13

On the Grapevine@Dalkeywine:

Anyone want to buy a wine shop?

Philip O'Rourke.@PiperHawk:

Lol... I think Minister Rabbit actually believes that there are two parties in government. #budget13

Aodhán Ó Ríordáin TD@AodhanORiordain:

Not the budget we wanted, but certainly not the budget Fine Gael wanted either. Over €600million in wealth taxes. #budget13

Patrick Russell@paruss:

Bloody disgrace, I voted for Fine Gael as the promised no increase in income tax, this is an sneaky increase in disguise. #budget13

Mark Slyman@theslugger:

I'm down 156 euro a year on wine alone. #Budget13 which is more than the household tax


I've agreed with the wife, if Noonan calls around for tea later we're not putting out the good biscuits. 'F**k him' she said. #budget13

Stephen Dunne@StephenEamonn:

Got to admire the vocabulary Fianna Fáil are using to dance around the fact that this horrible budget is their fault. #budget13

Claire Byrne@cebyrne:

Is €1 on wine a sad indictment of Irish alcohol consumption? They must know we buy loads of it and expect we will continue to do so.

Marc Peter Coleman@MarcPColeman:

The failure to exempt those who paid a lifetime's property tax in stamp duty is a total failure of policy design #budget13

Joanne Betty Conlon@pixelatedbetty:

Remember when you boasted about the high value of your house. Now boast about how worthless it hopefully is #Budget13

Derek O'Flaherty@Rathbaner

Looks like the € on a bottle of wine is a spectacularly successful diversion from the real brutality of #budget13

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