Thursday 17 October 2019

'What is Brexit? An outrage' - Irish school children try to explain Brexit Newsdesk Newsdesk

WITH an ongoing thread of negotiations and debates, it's easy to see why many might find Brexit confusing - let alone those under the age of 10.

So we went to Shellybanks Educate Together National School in Dublin 4 to find out how much our youth know about Brexit.

When asked what Brexit actually is, the responses varied from "an outrage", "a city" and even "an exit that's bread'.

The common response for the difference between Northern Ireland and the Republic was that it's colder in Northern Ireland - because it's "nearer the mountains and the North Pole".

Another youngster said: "In Ireland when it's morning, in North Ireland it's night time".

As for what school children know about borders?

"I don't know what a border is".

"I have no clue".

"A border is like let's say Pakistan and India.. yeah India. There's a border between them because they split up, because there was a war, and it's like part of a country that's separating countries."

"A border is a board that's a door?"

With the deadline looming and further talks to occur on Wednesday, the nation can only hope that politicians have a better sense of Brexit than Ireland's youngsters do.

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