Sunday 19 November 2017

'We call him Sir Yob' - Nigel Farage maintains Bob Geldof did Brexit 'Remain' campaign 'a lot of damage' after bizarre Thames incident

Ukip leader Nigel Farage on board a boat taking part in a Fishing for Leave pro-Brexit
Ukip leader Nigel Farage on board a boat taking part in a Fishing for Leave pro-Brexit "flotilla" on the River Thames. Photo: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Sasha Brady

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has spoken out about Bob Geldof and Enda Kenny's lobbying in Britain's EU referendum.

"He's done the remain campaign a lot of damage," Farage said of Geldof when speaking to Anton Savage on TodayFM.

He was referring to the bizarre incident that took place on Wednesday morning which saw the UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader trade insults with the pro-EU rocker.

Overnight around 30 fishing boats floated past Tower Bridge, sounding their foghorns and displaying anti-EU sign, led by Farage in a protest against EU fisheries policy.

Geldof pulled up in a rival boat, shouting "Nigel you're a fraud" through a loudspeaker, and was hosed with water from the Leave boat.

"We call him Sir Yob," he said of the incident.

"He was making rude gestures, he was being abusive and I think he's done, much as his own reputation, the remain campaign's reputation a lot of damage."

However, he said that he's "pleased" Enda Kenny is beginning a two-day campaign in Manchester and Liverpool to encourage a remain vote by Irish people living in the UK.

"The more that people from Goldman Sachs and people who lead governments tell us that we must all stay part of the European Union, the more likely we are to stick two fingers up to them.

"Although not, perhaps, in a Bob Geldof-type way."

The outspoken UKIP leader said it's clear the EU referendum is a "battle between the people vs the politicians".

"Barack Obama came to the UK to say the same thing but it actually led to a rise in the polls for Brexit. I don't think British people like foreign leaders coming and telling them what to do.

"It's a little bit different with Ireland because 300,000 voters in the UK come from Ireland and obviously the relationship between our countries is much, much closer.

"If it was any other country in the world I would say it's wrong for them to interfere. I do see that there is a difference because there's a close relationship between Britain and Ireland but I do think politically, [Enda Kenny] is making a mistake."

Post-Brexit, Farage insisted that the trading relationship between Britain and Ireland will remain strong, should Britain vote to leave the UK.

"There is a two-way trade between you guys and us that is mutually beneficial for both of us and it will continue after Brexit. We will go on being good trading partners and that is no question."

"The plan is to become a self-governing nation. The plan is we enter in to a two-year negotiation period with the EU to tie up all the loose ends.

"But the real plan is that we leave the European Union and we rejoin the world because here we are in the 21st Century, global economy prohibited, banned from making our own trade deals with the emerging parts of the world. It is absolute madness.

"We will pursue global trade. We will take back our fish stock. And, we will govern ourselves as a proud, independent nation."

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