Monday 21 October 2019

'Time is running out' - Taoiseach calls on British government to provide clarity on Brexit

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar. Picture: Collins
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar. Picture: Collins
Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

The British government need to make a decision on the relationship they want to have with the EU, the Taoiseach has said.

Speaking on RTE's This Week, Leo Varadkar calls on the UK to make its Brexit intentions clear as "time is running out".

"It is 20 months now since the Brexit referendum, 20 years since some of them started campaigning for it and we still don’t really know what Brexit means, or what the British Government wants Brexit to mean, and time is running out," he said on the Sunday afternoon radio show.

"The UK is due to leave the European Union in March 2019, it’s a little over a year away, and I think we need clarity and urgency from London," he added.

Mr Varadkar also urged that guarantees Theresa May gave at a summit of EU leaders last December around avoiding a hard border be adhered to.

"What was agreed in the joint report stands," he said.

"What we’re trying to do is ensure that what was agreed in December is now stitched into the legal text of the withdrawal agreement."

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