Tuesday 15 October 2019

The dates with destiny that are crucial for UK

Theresa May. Photo: Philip Toscano/PA Wire
Theresa May. Photo: Philip Toscano/PA Wire
Jane Last

Jane Last

Next week is a crucial one in the House of Commons as MPs must get a majority on a credible deal to Prime Minister Theresa May's proposal to stop the UK crashing out of the EU on April 12. Here are the key dates that lie ahead:

Monday, April 1

Parliament seized control of the Brexit process last week, and the second day of parliamentary debates will take place on Monday.

This process is controlled by Conservative Oliver Letwin. While none of the eight indicative votes mustered a majority last week when parliament had control, two votes showed promise. One was a plan for the UK to remain in the EU's customs union - this failed by only six votes.

A proposal for a second referendum gained the most "yes" votes overall.

Lawmakers are expected to look at these over the weekend to see if any amendments can be made to make them likely to pass.

Wednesday, April 3

Mr Letwin has indicated he wants to take over parliamentary business on Wednesday - this may be required to secure a majority on one of the 'most promising' indicative votes.

Thursday, April 4

This could prove to be a really crucial day as some sort of decision is likely to be made. If the series of indicative votes provides some clarity on what MPs are thinking, then there's a possibility that any favoured vote from Mr Letwin's process will be run against Mrs May's deal. That's right, we're looking at MV4.

However, it's not clear how this would work. Another option for Mrs May would be to call a general election or stand aside as leader. If these options occur, then an extension of Article 50 must be sought.

The EU has indicated it could grant such an extension, but only if the UK can submit a plan as to what they would do with it.

Wednesday, April 10

European leaders converge for an emergency summit called by EU Council President Donald Tusk. They could use this summit to discuss granting an extension to the UK.

Friday, April 12

This is the day the UK will crash out of the EU if no extension has been granted, and no deal has been agreed.

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