Tuesday 15 October 2019

Ten things about Theresa May's new Brexit deal

British Prime Minister Theresa May. Picture: Reuters
British Prime Minister Theresa May. Picture: Reuters

Jennifer McKiernan

Theresa May has set out 10 changes in her "new Brexit deal", including a House of Commons vote on whether to hold a second referendum.

Mrs May said all of the commitments would be guaranteed in law - so they will endure at least for this Parliament.

Challenges: British Prime Minister Theresa May. Picture: PA
Challenges: British Prime Minister Theresa May. Picture: PA

Here they are:

  1. A legal commitment to conclude alternative arrangements to replace the Northern Ireland backstop by December 2020, so that it never needs to be used.
  2. A commitment that, should the backstop come into force, the Government will ensure that Great Britain's border rules stay aligned with Northern Ireland's.
  3. Negotiating objectives and final treaties for the UK's future relationship with the EU will have to be approved by British MPs.
  4. A new Workers' Rights Bill offering protections at least as favourable as those in the EU.
  5. No change in the level of environmental protection when the UK leaves the EU.
  6. As close to frictionless trade with the EU as is possible once the UK has left the single market but an end to free movement of people.
  7. A commitment to align the UK with EU rules for goods and products to protect thousands of jobs dependant on just-in-time supply chains.
  8. A commitment to allow MPs to decide on future customs arrangements with the EU.
  9. A vote for MPs on whether the deal should be subject to a referendum.
  10. A legal duty to secure changes to the current political declaration agreed with Brussels to reflect the new deal.

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