Monday 16 September 2019

'London is always open to Irish' - Sadiq Khan

London mayor Sadiq Khan
London mayor Sadiq Khan

London Mayor Sadiq Khan insists the city is "open to Ireland" as he reiterates it voted Remain. He will make his first official visit to Dublin today to "bang the drum" for greater business ties.

Writing in today's Irish Independent, Mr Khan wants people to know while the UK voted for Brexit, London voted to stay in the EU.

"We will always consider ourselves part of Europe and - regardless of what happens with Brexit - we will continue to work with other European cities."

He said whatever happens with Brexit, "I want the people of Ireland to know we remain optimistic about our future in London and optimistic about our future relationships with key European cities like Dublin".

"And, as we navigate the uncertainty ahead, one thing will remain constant: London is - and always will be - open to Ireland and the great Irish people."

Irish Independent

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