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Corbyn told 90,000 will leave party if new vote is ruled out



Jeremy Corbyn. Photo: PA

Jeremy Corbyn. Photo: PA

Jeremy Corbyn. Photo: PA

Tens of thousands of UK Labour Party members could be prepared to quit the party if Jeremy Corbyn does not back a second referendum, new research has found.

Mr Corbyn is facing further pressure to back a second Brexit referendum after polling showed support among Labour members for another vote.

The Labour leader has resisted calls from within his party to back a referendum, instead calling for a general election and promising to strike his own Brexit deal with Brussels.

But a study of 1,000 Labour members found that 72pc - equal to 90,000 of the party membership - want him to back another referendum.

Outside the membership, the study also found backing for a second vote among Labour supporters.

Close to 57pc of current Labour voters and 61pc of those who backed the party at the 2017 election want Mr Corbyn to "fully support" a fresh referendum.

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