Sunday 18 March 2018

Comedian applies for Irish passport after 'devastating' Brexit vote

Rebecca Root, pictured with ‘Boy Meets Girl’ co-star Harry Hepple. Photographer: Matt Squire
Rebecca Root, pictured with ‘Boy Meets Girl’ co-star Harry Hepple. Photographer: Matt Squire
Caroline Crawford

Caroline Crawford

A British comedian who is wowing audiences for her role in the BBC sitcom 'Boy Meets Girl' has revealed she is applying for an Irish passport following the Brexit vote.

Rebecca Root is a transgender comedian whose mother is from Dublin. She said she had been considering applying for an Irish passport for a number of years but said the "devastating" Brexit result had helped solidify her plans.

Ms Root, who also starred in 'The Danish Girl', said she would love to see more transgender roles portrayed on Irish television screens. "I'd love to see that, absolutely, and as I'm hoping to apply for my Irish passport it may well be me," she said

"The whole thing with the EU and Britain voting to leave has been devastating. My mum would say to me when I was young: 'It's great if you could get an Irish passport' and I never really saw the point. But in the last three years I've become more and more Irish in my outlook.

"It's not just about the EU, I'm not that shallow, but I would like to have a greater connection to my motherland," she said.

Ms Root, who is speaking at the Galway International Arts Festival (GIAF) as part of the First Thought Talks series, said she was happy to see a rise in the depiction of transgender people by trans actors: "I think any drama worth its salt would want to reflect society in all its richness and would want to have these characters in it because, hello, we're in society, the same as people from ethnic minorities, people of different faiths. We're out there. Just walk down any street in any city, town or village and you'll see somebody who looks different to you."

Ms Root said she was delighted with the public's response to 'Boy Meets Girl'.

"What I was surprised about is that obviously Judy, my character, is trans. I'm trans and that was either going to work in our favour or go against us and switch people off. But actually people see past the fact that Judy is trans and they see a love story," she said.

Ms Root will speak at 'I Am Who I Am - Identity and Otherness' on July 17 as part of GIAF.

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