Sunday 16 June 2019

Check supply chains on goods and services as Brexit looms, Humphreys warns businesses


Business Minister Heather Humphreys. Photo: Steve Humphreys
Business Minister Heather Humphreys. Photo: Steve Humphreys

Rebecca Black

Business Minister Heather Humphreys has issued an appeal to firms to ensure continuity of supply of goods and services after Brexit.

Ms Humphreys has urged businesses to contact their suppliers and service providers to get assurances about the continuity of the supply of goods and services.

Backstop arrangements to guarantee there will be no hard Border on the island remain one of the sticking points in Brexit negotiations.

"Whether a business is a construction company, local beauty salon, bakery or even an Irish base of a multinational medical device company, it is crucial that they check their supply chains for vulnerabilities to Brexit impacts," Mrs Humphreys said.

"If a business hasn't already done so, there are a number of steps they need to take. Firstly, they should make contact with their UK suppliers, service providers, logistics companies, wholesalers or distributors, to seek assurances.

"Next they should check to see if their suppliers use the UK as a land-bridge to move their goods. If they do, this might cause delays and increased costs after Brexit.

"If they have any doubts about continuity in their supply chains, they should contact their Local Enterprise Office who can point them in the right direction to avail of Government supports and advice," the minister added.

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