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Brexodus: Surge in number of UK-based tech and construction workers applying for jobs in Ireland



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Technology, construction and public sector workers led a surge in UK-based applicants seeking jobs here in the past year.

There was a 34pc increase in UK-based applicants for Irish jobs in 2018 compared to the previous year, according to recruitment website IrishJobs.ie.

The biggest single increase was for technology roles, up 47pc, but the increase was almost as large in the construction and property sector (up 46pc) and for public sector roles (up 45pc).

A string of major technology sector jobs announcements has increased pressure in what was already a tight segment of the labour market, already characterised by high wages and skills shortages.

IDA figures published on January 3 recorded 55 significant Brexit-related investments by multinationals in Ireland in 2018, creating more than 4,500 jobs.

The ramp-up in the construction sector, and the loss of skills here following emigration after the 2008 property crash, has also increased demand for professionals and trades in the sector.

In addition, Brexit is now a push factor for Irish people working in the UK and for workers from other EU member states concerned about their status following the UK's departure.

"Ireland offers stability, well-paid jobs, a world-renowned education system and access to the EU. These are attractive traits for mobile professionals," according to Safann Mac Carthy, of IrishJobs.ie.

"2018 marks the highest increase we've seen in UK applications for Irish-based roles and the current political climate indicates that this growth is set to continue into 2019," she added.

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