Monday 27 May 2019

A hard border on way - former WTO head

The Irish border near Newry, Co Down (David Young)
The Irish border near Newry, Co Down (David Young)

Colm Kelpie

A hard Border will happen post-Brexit, the former head of the World Trade Organisation has said. Pascal Lamy told MPs checks will need to take place.

“Whatever option you take, either  a bilateral agreement or the WTO option, UK exiting the EU, meaning Northern Ireland exiting the EU, this will necessitate a border,” Mr Lamy said.

“There will have to be a border because you need to checks the goods and the people. You have to check that if there are duties, that duties are paid.”

Mr Lamy was giving evidence to the House of Commons EU Exiting the European Union Committee.

“Whatever solution, this implies a border,” Mr Lamy added. “The question in the Irish issue is where do you have it?”

Irish Independent

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