Wednesday 20 November 2019

Apple diligent on signs of rot

IF you need to understand how Apple has become the biggest public company in the world by market capitalisation, it is worth reading about the firing of two of the company's best known executives on Monday.

Apple's head of retail, John Browett, and Scott Forstall, who was in charge of the iOS operating system used by iPads and iPhones, both made errors that may look relatively minor, but they were then unceremoniously dumped once company CEO Tim Cook deemed their errors unforgivable.

Mr Browett cut the hours of staff at the famous Apple stores but was forced into an about-face after a public outcry, while Mr Forstall was responsible for the debacle that is the Apple Maps application on the iPhone and iPad's iOS 6 operating system.

Mr Cook's decision to dump them sends the message to the company's rank and file as well as commanding officers that mediocrity will not be tolerated.

Mr Cook (pictured) is seen as a more placid CEO than the combustible Steve Jobs, but the insistence on perfection remains.

The perception that Apple still demands exacting standards will please its users and should reinforce its number one status.

Monday's purge also means that Jony Ives, the designer of the iPhone, is now very much in charge. Previously he was responsible only for product design, now he will also be in charge of the software for the iPhone, iPad and Macs.

Tim Cook may have stamped his authority on Apple on Monday, but it is now Jony Ives' company.

Cook will live or die by Ives' performance.

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