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Apology: Mr Oliver Murphy

IN THE Business Section of the Sunday Independent of March 19, 2006, we published an article concerning Mr Oliver Murphy.

The Sunday Independent wishes to acknowledge that Mr Murphy was not contacted prior to the publication of this article.

Furthermore, the Sunday Independent wishes to apologise to Mr Murphy for serious inaccuracies contained in that article.

Firstly, we confirm that Mr Murphy did not dispose of 90 acres of his lands at Moygaddy as stated. Mr Murphy is in fact a co-owner of the 90 acres with the Louth-based businessmen Eamon and Seamus Rogers.

Secondly, we wish to correct that Mr Murphy did not try to back out of the deal as was suggested and this was an inaccurate and incorrect statement.

Thirdly, Mr Murphy was chairman and chief executive of Hibernia Foods until he was replaced in October 2003 - after which the company was placed in receivership and not liquidation as stated in the article.

The article went on to state that the lawyers who were leading the class action for a representative plaintiff against Hibernia Foods, were themselves facing charges.

In fact, the firm of lawyers who represented the representative plaintiff are facing criminal charges for breaches of Federal Securities law. We wish to make clear that Mr Murphy himself is not facing any charge whatsoever.

Finally, we stated that Mr Murphy appeared before the McCracken tribunal and we accept that he never did so. Mr Murphy did give evidence before the beef tribunal as the former chief executive of Hibernia Meats when it was involved in the beef industry, and he also gave evidence before the Moriarty tribunal in relation to a donation given for funding of the late Mr Brian Lenihan's liver transplant operation.

We apologise for any unintended hurt and embarrassment which have been caused to Mr Murphy and his business reputation.

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