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Almost a third of female directors say that there is still a "glass ceiling" in Irish business


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Nearly a third of female company directors think that there is still a "glass ceiling" in the Irish business landscape, according to a new study.

However, this was down slightly from 2013, when it was found that 35pc of those asked thought that a glass ceiling still exists.

The finding was made in the "Women in Boards" survey which was carried out by the Institute of Directors. The survey was compiled following interviews with a sample of nearly 200 female members of the Institute of Directors.

Over half of the women surveyed claim that women do not have the same access to information as men when it comes to available board positions while three quarters said that it is more difficult for women to become non-executive directors in Ireland than men.

Despite this 82pc of women surveyed believe that awareness of the importance of gender diversity on boards in Ireland has increased in recent years, while a majority are of the view that gender diversity on boards is improving generally.

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