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A 'quiet room' is part of the new €140m HQ for Central Bankers


SCAFFOLDING: The frame of the new Central Bank HQ

SCAFFOLDING: The frame of the new Central Bank HQ

SCAFFOLDING: The frame of the new Central Bank HQ

Apart from the fact that they were asleep at the wheel as the economy got hopped up on property and the banks needed to be bailed out for €63bn and we paid off the bond holders, the Central Bank has done a really terrific job. Terrific.

The bankers and regulators absolutely deserve the finest new office to be built in the Docklands.

I got a bit more of an insight into what this new project will entail last week as the first hi-viz workers went on-site to test parts of a new facade. The construction tender has been whittled down to six bidders with a winner expected by March. The €140m eco headquarters - to be built on the carcass of the Anglo HQ in the docks - will include a seventh-floor cafe with a sheltered outdoor terrace where staff can sit and admire views of the Liffey and the cranes rebuilding Dublin. The office, which seriously does cost €140m - almost as much as Irish Water - will have a "wellness centre" for yoga and pilates classes. The Central Bank assures me that it has all kinds of safeguards to make sure that the builders don't go wild and rack up huge bills for the state. That sounds eerily familiar.

It does however seem that the new headquarters will feature a "quiet room" for staff - but not for "contemplation". "There is no 'contemplation room' planned for the new building," the Central Bank told me last week.

"There will be normal staff health and welfare facilities, including a small quiet room, to cater for the approx. 1,400 staff members that will occupy the building."

It will be "multi purpose" - although my sources tell me that it could theoretically be used for "prayer" though.

Hmmm. Do the Central Bankers know something we don't?

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