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A jaunty read with nothing new to offer

Psychology of Success -- Big Ideas for a Big Life

By Alison and David Price

FULL of new year's resolutions? Then the 'Psychology of Success -- Big Ideas for a Big Life' might just be the book for you.

This small volume written by Alison and David Price and published by Icon Books offers an A to Z list of advice for those seeking success.

While not a deep book, the 'Psychology of Success' is an easy read that might be useful for a teenager or somebody who wants to dip their toes into the vast literature on this topic.

While success books are often corny, there is something endearing about the 'Psychology of Success' that makes it a pleasure to read. The "real life examples" can grate at times, but the style is less gushing than many other books on the same subject and it is hard to argue with most of the authors' points.

The book's basic message is the same as countless other books on the same topic: set goals and visualise those goals. The authors' definition of a goal as a dream with a deadline is not a bad description and there is a fair amount of decent advice on how to turn vague hopes and ambitions into plans.

What the 'Psychology of Success' lacks is any detailed description of how to keep on top of plans and dreams.

In this respect, it is vastly inferior to the classics of the genre such as David Allen's 'Getting Things Done', which offers a coherent system for organising life.

In fact, anybody who is minded to do some new year resolutions and who has not read 'Getting Things Done' should almost certainly start with that book before moving on to less substantial books such as the one under review.

While the 'Psychology of Success' is a jaunty and readable little book that manages to avoid hackneyed cliche, it offers little that is new and no tried-and-tested system for changing work and personal practices.

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