Saturday 17 March 2018

90pc mortgage plan shows we have learnt nothing from the crash

EVERYBODY wants the property market to find the floor but not at any cost.

Permanent TSB's announcement that it will boost lending to consumers fivefold this year and start selling 90pc mortgages is a reminder that some people have learned almost nothing from the crash.

There are still so many risks at the moment that it is impossible to think of a situation where a 90pc mortgage makes sense.

In fact, lending like this is so irresponsible that it verges on evil.

Fine Gael was full of good ideas about mortgages when it campaigned for office two years ago.

While not quite committing to non recourse loans with fixed rates for the duration of the loan, which would be the best method of preventing the next crash, the party was pushing many innovative policies to stop excessive borrowing.

In the event, we have had nothing from Fine Gael since it took office and now we have a state-owned institution handing out 90pc loans at a time when the economy is teetering close to recession and one in seven people is out of a job.

To add insult to injury, Permanent TSB is also planning on lending your money to people to buy new cars. To buy a new car on credit is almost the definition of financial illiteracy.

That taxpayer's money is being squandered on encouraging this sort of nonsense is beyond belief.

It is bad enough that those who lived carefully must pay the debts of their less frugal neighbours.

But it is insane that they must also hazard more money to help people buy houses when the new homeowners obviously do not know how to save.

No good can come of this at all.

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