Wednesday 17 January 2018

Labour grassroots launch campaign

A group of Labour members are searching for alternatives to the austerity measures
A group of Labour members are searching for alternatives to the austerity measures

A small group of Labour grassroots members frustrated by Government cuts have launched a campaign to promote alternatives to austerity.

Campaign for Labour Policies (CPL) is attempting to recruit as many public representatives and party activists as possible in a bid to see a five-point programme implemented.

Spokesman Paul Dillon said its policies included investing in growth and jobs, taxing the wealthy, increasing workers' rights, repudiating debt and expanding public enterprises.

"These five issues have come from consultation with Labour members throughout the country," Mr Dillon said. "They are based on things that are Labour policy."

Mr Dillon said the group was not suggesting any measures that were not already at the core of left-wing policies, trade unions and the Labour movement in general.

Among its five-point plan were calls for the Government to invest two billion euro in jobs and growth and to stop all future cuts in health, education and social welfare.

CPL, which is made up of a committee of 25 Labour activists, will hold a meeting in Dublin on Saturday to try to recruit more members.

"At this stage we are in talks and opening dialogue with every Labour member in the country, be they public representatives, activists, old or new in terms of how long they have been in the party," Mr Dillon said. "We are hoping that a lot of Labour people will back what we are talking about."

Neil Warner, another CPL spokesman, said the response to the initiative had been positive so far and that he was confident large numbers would join.

"People are quite frustrated with certain Government policies and they have really seen this as quite a positive development," he said.

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