Saturday 19 October 2019

'It's not over' - What Irish Isil bride detained in Syria said in ITV interview

Lisa Smith Photo: ITV News
Lisa Smith Photo: ITV News Newsdesk Newsdesk

Lisa Smith, a former member of the Defence Forces captured in Syria on suspicion of supporting Isil, gave an interview to ITV News on March 3, where she said Isil "is not over".

Ms Smith identified herself as British in the video interview, but the reporter noted how she "spoke with an Irish accent".

The full transcript of the conversation is as follows:

Reporter: She left with all she has. Her son and a few bags of belongings. Her dreams of a Utopian Islamic state has disappeared behind her.

Lisa: The people don't have food. They're struggling, everything is expensive, so I don't know how they're going to keep living.

Reporter: She just left Baghouz, the final patch of land held by ISIS and she told ITV News she's British, although she seems to have an Irish accent.

Lisa: How are the people in Baghouz now, that's left  behind, they're tired. Morale is low I suppose. Some are strong, it's like any rollercoaster of people. Some want to leave, some don't. Some are hungry, some are not hungry. Some are tired, not tired.

Reporter: She said she converted to Islam seven years ago and was enticed to Syria by ISIS propaganda.

Lisa: You come, you see the propaganda, you want Islam, you want to come and live in Muslim country and environment. No music, no smoking, no fighting, no drinking, no prostitution... you want a clean life like this, that is what you want, but sometimes it is not like this.

Reporter: Switching between Arabic and English, she says her husband, who is British, died two months ago. She claims she came to Syria alone and met him here

Lisa: I came alone, I came by myself. I married the man here. I don't marry before.

Reporter: But then she's asked, whether ISIS is now over

Lisa: Not over yet. Not over yet.

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