Saturday 17 August 2019

Brother of Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch dies after horror fall on wife's birthday

John Hutch passed away today
John Hutch passed away today

Ken Foy

The brother of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch has died just days after suffering a devastating fall at home.

John Hutch (66) was being treated at a Dublin hospital for a "catastrophic" fall at his home in the north inner city on Tuesday afternoon.

The fall occurred on the day of his wife’s birthday.

Mr Hutch had clung to life in the Mater Hospital, as armed gardai discreetly monitored the situation.

However, he has passed away after sustaining significant head trauma in the incident.

There had been no sign of his younger brother Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch (56) coming back to his home city despite his older brother’s accident.

All eyes will now be on whether he will attend the funeral, details of which have yet to be announced. learnt that tragic John (66) suffered the traumatic fall on the day of his beloved wife Vera’s 67th birthday.

It is unclear if John had been celebrating the big birthday in the hours before the fall at the family home in Drumalee Avenue in which he suffered serious head injuries.

It is not known what caused Mr Hutch to fall, and whether it was an accidental trip or if he had taken ill and collapsed.

But it appears he suffered devastating head injuries when he landed at the bottom of the stairs and may have been unconscious for some time before the alarm was raised.

Armed gardai rushed to the Drumalee estate at around 4pm on Tuesday after receiving reports that John Hutch Snr had been found in an unresponsive state.

Armed gardai were continuing to patrol near the Mater Hospital in Dublin last night as Mr Hutch continued to receive treatment.

A victim impact statement by his wife Vera was previously read at the Special Criminal Court after three people were convicted of their son Gareth’s 2016 murder last October.

Siblings Jonathan (33) and Regina Keogh (41), together with Thomas Fox (31), have been convicted of the murder of Gareth Hutch.

Vera Hutch said the pain of her son’s death was "unbearable" and that she would "never get over it".

"We struggle every day as a family and can’t comprehend why this happened," she said.

As her victim impact statement was read out, a number of Keogh’s supporters laughed and left the court.

Jonathan Keogh shouted: "What about everyone else’s family? What about all the other families?" He then said "F*****g b*****s," and "Rats". In her victim statement, which was read to the court by Det Gda Eoin Treacy, Vera Hutch said she had the "privilege and honour" of being Gareth’s mother for 35 years before he was "cruelly" taken away from her.

She said she no longer felt safe, and the defendants had "destroyed" her family.

She said she would never again see Gareth’s smile or hear his laugh, which was "contagious once you heard it".

"Not only did you take away my son, you have taken away a brother, uncle, friend and most of all a daddy."

She said it was Gareth’s son who would lose out the most, as "his daddy had been cut out of his life".

She said Gareth was denied "the opportunity of watching his son grow up" and he would never get to take him to his first football game.

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