Saturday 24 February 2018

Top 300: Food and restaurants

Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

Whether it's ordering in or choosing the best recipes, these apps will whet your appetite

My Recipe Book

iPhone, iPad; €1.80

There are lots of great recipe and cookbook apps out there. However, instead of giving you a few recipes to play with, My Recipe Book encourages you to collect and gather your own from around the web. It then saves them and allows you to edit them. The result is a big scrapbook of your favourite recipes.

iPhone; free

If you’re feeling peckish for a takeaway, this service’s app lets you identify your area and choose from a number of takeaways. You can pay online or with cash at the door.

How To Cook Everything

iPhone, iPad; free

For cooking novices who can’t be bothered with fancy-pants haute-cuisine, this free app gives a good grounding in 100 solid recipes to get you going.


iOS, Android; free

The idea here is that people upload a snap of a dish from a restaurant to guide others. The app lets you see what’s nearby, too. Although there is limited Irish content, it’s worth looking at.

iCook – Recipes And Cooking With Neven maguire

iOS; €3.60

Some 70 recipes from the famous Irish chef, with 11 full video preparation guides thrown in.

Appetiser – Recipes And Cooking With Derry Clarke

iOS; €5.50

Another Irish celebrity chef app, complete with extra features such as videos.


iOS, Android; free

Most decent recipe apps cost up to €5. This one, which features lots of dishes, is free.

Leo Burdock

iPhone, Android; free

There isn’t much to this app other than it allows you to scan a barcode to build up loyalty points. That means free chips (eventually).

The Whole Pantry

iOS, Android; from €2.05

This is an alternative food app with guidance on organic and ‘healthy’ food options. It has 44 recipes that are gluten-free and vegetarian, as well as ‘wellness’ articles.

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