Friday 24 November 2017

Top 300 apps: Travel

There are some brilliantly useful apps for travel

Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler


iOS, Android; free

It’s hard to think of an app that has done more to evolve the process of using an everyday service than Hailo. The clever app gives you a real-time view of taxis in your area (Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick) and allows you to request one. You can pay by credit card, call the driver at any time and get a receipt via email. With a very high satisfaction rating, it’s a must-download app.

Irish Safety Camera Locations

Android; free

There’s no secret about where speed cameras are located around the country. This simple app points out their general whereabouts and alerts you when you’re entering a safety camera zone.

Real Time Ireland

iOS, Android; free

If you want a single view of bus, train and Luas schedules, the National Transport Authority has put this app together. It’s basic but usable.


iOS, Android; free

The fastest-growing alternative to hotel booking for business travellers has a very usable app with excellent apartments, houses and other forms of accommodation you can rent for a night or two in different cities.


iOS, Android; free

This app allows you to add travel confirmation emails into your Tripit schedule. It also neatly lays out appointments, reservations, maps and other travel-related items.


Android, free

For planning neurotics, this app allows you to check the seating plans of a flight to suss out where the best places are. It works for flights on 100 airlines, including Aer Lingus.


iOS, Android; free

Getting on a plane usually means that you can’t catch up on your online reading. What this app does is to record and save web pages you visit in a nice, readable format for offline reading later.

Google Maps

iPhone, iPad; free

It was only when Apple launched the iPhone 5, kicking Google Maps off its home screen, that people remembered how much they like and rely upon Google's superior mapping app.

Dublin Airport

iOS, Android; free

This is very handy for live information on departures, arrivals, airport layout and other important information.

Dublin Bus

iOS, Android; free

For Dublin bus commuters, this is essential. It tells you when the next bus is due. You can search stops by their route or their location.

Aer Lingus

iOS, Android; free

The official app for Aer Lingus is fairly basic but allows you to book flights, check in for (some) of them and get travel alerts.

Met Eireann

iOS, Android; free

The official app for Met Eireann provides a basic but fast guide to regional forecasts, rainfall radars and satellite imagery. It’s written as if for farmers and fishermen, but that’s no bad thing.

Yahoo Weather

iOS, Android; free

This new weather app beats all others. In addition to a specific five-day forecast (and five-hour forecasts), it shows local satellite, wind and temperature maps.

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