Monday 22 January 2018

Top 300 apps: Sport and outdoors

Whether you to watch it, read about it or just do it...

Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler


iOS, Android; free

It’s an odd thing to say, but there just aren’t that many great sports apps. Unless you have a premium sports television subscription, it’s either results, news snippets or commercially sponsored (and tame) team marketing that fills up the sports app categories.

In this context, Livescore is an antidote. It’s a free, |results-based service that covers football, tennis, basketball, hockey and a few other sports. Its main concern is football and it covers all of the world's major leagues with instant, live scorelines. It's simple and comprehensive.

Sky Sports News

iOS, Android; free

The mobile version of Sky’s sports news and information channel is worth downloading for general sports fans, even if it holds back lots of its best content for Sky Go subscribers.

World Tides 2013

iPhone, iPad; €1.80

This app shows you the high and low tides in hundreds of locations worldwide. There are more than 50 spots in Ireland and more than 100 in Britain. Great for planning fishing expeditions.

Eurosport Player

iOS, Android; €6 monthly charge

For fans of cycling (especially), Eurosport is the only sports channel in town. This player gives you access to Eurosport's channels for a monthly charge.

Ultimate Rugby

iOS, Android; free

While dwarfed in scale by football as a sport, there are still one or two decent rugby apps out there. This one is probably the best, with lots of detail on clubs and international players.

The Football App

iOS, Android; free

There are umpteen places to get scores, news, gossip and tactics relating to the top football match-ups in England and elsewhere. But this app is probably the best all-in-one resource.

Soccer Drillbuilder

iPhone, iPad; free

While Rafa Benitez is off redesigning his professional football chalkboard app (yes, it’s real), this is a decent option. Alternatively, Soccer Coach’s clipboard for iOS or Android does a more basic job.


iOS, Android; free

There are tons of betting apps, but some – such as Paddy Power – don’t have Android apps, opting instead for web apps. Betfair offers both.

ZP Dashboard

Android; free

For altitude geeks, this is good fun. It measures altitude, speed, pitch and roll using your phone’s geometrical equipment (such as accelerometer). It works in planes, bikes, trains and lifts.

iOS, Android; free

The irreverent and informative Irish sports microsite is a useful app for taking a second look at the big Irish sports story of the day.

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