Friday 27 April 2018

Top 300 apps: Social media

Tweet, like, post and message as much as you want...

Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler


iOS, Android; free

It’s by no means the best-looking or the most functionally superior social media app out there. It doesn’t even have the functionality of its PC iteration. But the fact remains that there isn’t really a better app for accessing Facebook than Facebook. And given that the social network has become fairly indispensable to everyday life for most ordinary people in Ireland, it is likely to be the first app downloaded to anyone’s smartphone or tablet.


iPhone, iPad; €4.50

Osfoora remains many people’s choice as the best Twitter client app on the iPhone or iPad. It adds lots of functionality in an easy-to-use format.


iOS, Android; free

Kik has supposedly evolved into the messaging app of celebrities, some of whom use it to communicate with fans. It works a lot like iMessage and BlackBerry Messenger.

Tweetcaster Pro

iOS, Android; price varies by device

Twitter’s own app has never been brilliant at useful extra features, such as scheduling tweets or muting individuals, hashtags or topics. Tweetcaster Pro adds lots more functionality.


iOS, Android; free

The signature feature of this service is the automatic deletion of picture messages (or videos), seconds after they've been sent and received. This has given it an edgy reputation.


iOS, Android; free

Tumblr is the fastest-growing blogging platform, mainly because it is so easy to set up and share. While there’s lots of good content here, there’s also plenty of dodgy stuff, especially porn.


iOS, Android; free

If you thought MySpace was dead, think again. The social network that centres itself around music bands allows the music-obsessed to follow new artists and comment among themselves.


iPhone, Android; free

What Twitter is to status updates, Vine is to video updates. You’re allowed a maximum of six seconds. It’s aimed at sharing on Twitter.

Falcon Pro

Android; 80 cents

This is probably the best Twitter client for Android tablets, with online photos and a list of advanced features.


iOS, Android; free

If you’ve never heard of Google+, it’s a social network based around Google services. If you have – and are a user – the app is nice and clean for phones and tablets.


iOS, Android; free

While Pinterest has been pigeon-holed as a wedding planner service, it looks great on a tablet. The bigger screen lends itself to clipping, cutting and saving – the bedrock of Pinterest activity.


iOS, Android; free

For those who maintain Wordpress blogs and websites, this app allows you to post from your phone or tablet and upload pictures. You can also check your stats and comments.


iOS, Android; free

LinkedIn's app is nicely designed (for all platforms) and gives you access to LinkedIn's best features quickly.


iPad, iPhone; free

If you prefer a single app to manage Twitter and Facebook, Hootsuite allows you to run multiple accounts from a single service.

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