Thursday 22 March 2018

Top 300 apps: Reading ebooks

From comics and Kindles to poetry and free manuscript, the best reads around

Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler


iOS, Android; free

For voracious readers, it is becoming impossible to ignore the world's dominant e-book system. But some may still not be aware that you do not have to actually buy Amazon’s specific tablet to get the e-book service. The Kindle app works on almost any smartphone or tablet. It allows you to download books you've bought on another device (to the one you're holding). It also remembers where you last left off. It’s an ideal app to snack on a chapter or a favourite passage from time to time.

50,000 Free eBooks

Android; free

This is an app that links to thousands of copyright-free books, including lots of classics, to download.


iOS, Android; free

Formerly known as Read It Later, this app allows you to bookmark articles, videos and lots of other online things for consumption later. It’s especially useful for so-called ‘longreads’.


iOS, Android; free

If you're a fan of comics, you can download apps for both Marvel and DC, the two classic US comics producers. Or you can download this app, which gives access to titles from both companies.

The Waste Land

iPad; €13

A fine example of literature in an iPad app, this is an amazingly deep exploration of TS Eliot’s epic poem, with a reading by Fiona Shaw and 35 expert interviews, including Seamus Heaney.


iPhone, iPad; €3.60

As we’re approaching Halloween, this is a nicely done digital version of some of Edgar Allen Poe’s gothic horror poetry, complete with impressive effects.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Lessmore

iPad, €4.50

This is a beautifully animated children’s book that allows you to interact, read, listen and watch animations. A great example of what can be done. Well worth downloading.


iOS, Android; free

While book clubs are popular offline, this customisable app helps you to keep on top of what’s worth reading, both for new releases and contemporary classics.


iOS, Android; free

There’s more to the ebook world than Kindle. Kobo is an excellent alternative, with lots of features for reading on smartphones or tablets. There are about four million books, magazines and comics available.

Reddit Sync

Android; free

For those who spend lots of time on Reddit – and that’s a good deal of us – this is a great app for catching up on subreddits offline. The ads can be removed by upgrading to the Pro version (€1.90).

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