Sunday 25 February 2018

Top 300 apps: Protect kids

Keep kids safe on tablets and phones

Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler


Free; iOS, Android

One of the main concerns for kids and mobile devices is coming across pornography. Irish-made Metacert is probably the best solution out there to protect against this.

Net Nanny

€7.50 for Android, €4 for iPhone/iPad

Net Nanny filters just about any type of inappropriate content, including violence, adult imagery, bad language and more. It also monitors social networking services and notifies parents of suspicious activity.

McAfee Safe Eyes

€38 per year for three devices

As well as filtering inappropriate content, McAfee Safe Eyes extends to iTunes, blocking explicit content from being downloaded. It also logs instant-messaging chats.


Android, €4 per month

This app gives parents of Android phone users information on who children are talking to, what they're saying (via keyword alerts sent back to the parent) and what sites they're visiting.

Famigo Kid Lock

Android, free

This app, aimed at young children, sets up a device with pre-approved apps. The child can pick their own (safe) apps to download, but the phone asks for passworded parental approval first.


Android, free

This app lets you restrict – via password protection – key functions of an Android phone, such as incoming calls, the ability to download or the ability to uninstall apps.

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