Saturday 18 November 2017

Top 300 apps: Productivity

It helps to have apps that complete your daily tasks quicker

Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler


iOS, Android; free

If there is one note-taking app you should download, this is it. It works right across almost every type of device, meaning that you can access all of your notes, memos and documents (from years back, too) on any gadget you like. So if you use a smartphone, a tablet PC, a laptop and a work computer, this app is absolutely essential. It also allows voice notes and images, in case you want to add a bit of multimedia to proceedings.


iOS, Android; free

What Dropbox is to punters, Box is to businesses. With an initial 10GB of space, it’s a well-made, efficient online storage and sharing facility where any kind of file can be shifted.


iOS, Android; free

While Google+ is struggling to gain traction, Google’s free Hangouts service is an increasingly useful way to hold impromptu conferencing sessions, either social or professional.

Google Search

iPhone, iPad; free

Most of us need to look things up several times a day. Having to first open a browser and type in g-o-o-g-l-e-.-i-e wastes time. Google's Search app, not pre-loaded on iPhones, is essential.


iOS, Android; price varies on device

Camcard is one of a number of apps that takes a photo of a business card and integrates the information into your phone's contacts.


iPhone, €4

This optical character recognition (OCR) can translate a photo into text. Take a snap of a page of text and Prizmo does a reasonable job of turning that into editable text that can be emailed.


iPhone, Android; free for 2GB of storage and 50 scans per month

This is another photo-scanning app, but it focuses on incorporating whatever you scan (via your phone’s camera) into a PDF. If it’s text, the PDF can be searched (but not edited).


Android, iPhone; free

Lots of online software systems let you plan, edit and collaborate on projects. Basecamp is the original of the species, allowing multiple users to submit updates and tick scheduled items off.


iOS, Android; free

This app basically allows you to take complete control of a PC somewhere else, so long as that PC has downloaded Logmein's PC software, too. Very handy for light tech support.


iOS, Android

If you want the freedom of marking and annotating documents and photos, Skitch is a fast, accessible way to do it. It's particularly effective on the larger screens of tablets.


iOS, Android; free

This is Microsoft’s answer to Dropbox and Google Drive. It’s quite easy to use and works well, although it is a different thing from Microsoft Office.

Online Editors

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