Thursday 14 December 2017

Top 300 apps: Photos

Phones are the new cameras. Get the best shots and edits with these

Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler


iOS, Android; free

Snapseed is arguably the best free photo editor out there. It allows you to adjust advanced basics such as brightness, contrast, colour, straightness and cropping with a high degree of accuracy. You can then share on most social media, Google Drive, Gmail or Instagram. Some apps charge for the kind of functionality that’s on offer here. Well worth downloading for any keen snapper.

iPhone; free

This app sends your photos to a printing facility in Ireland, which returns prints to your Irish address in the post. It costs €2.40 for five 6x4 prints and €3 for five 7x5 prints.


iOS (90c); Android free

Some high-end cameraphones have panorama modes that shoot around 140 degrees for a broad view of things. This goes the full 360 degrees for a novel effect.


iPhone, iPad; €0.90

This allows you to turn a series of photographs into a photo-comic, with speech bubbles, exclamation marks and other effects. Great fun.


iOS, Android; free

Flickr gives a whopping 1,000GB of space to users for free. While not as popular or as easily shareable as Instagram, it is a lot more complete with no complaints for large file sizes.

Adobe Photoshop Express

iOS, Android; free

If you want to tinker with your photos without committing cash, this is a must-download app. It covers the basics – such as colour saturation, exposure and effects – beautifully.


iOS, Android; free

This is a very innovative video-filming app that allows people to splice together videos shot in the same location but from different angles. There’s a trending videos section, too.


Android; free

This is a video-editing app that does a lot of the work for you. Those who like to tinker a lot may it find it a little automatic, but if you simply want a fast splicing job, it’ll do the trick.


iOS, Android; free

This popular photo-sharing service is designed to easily share phone snaps via Facebook or Twitter and also has a community itself, where you can comment upon or ‘favourite’ others’ shots.


iPad, iPhone; €4.50

For those with Apple devices and home videos to edit, this is a nice app that does a good job. It comes free on new iPhone 5S and 5C models.

Google Goggles

iOS, Android; free

The idea with this app is that you take a photo of something and Google goes off to try and match your picture with its vast repertoire of photos, using Google Images.

Meme Me

Android; free

Anyone using social media will frequently see ‘memes’, the crude graphic slides with a punchline at the bottom. In addition to letting you use your own photos, it has a large file of the most popular existing meme photos (including cats, nerds and Keanu Reeves). You can adjust the font styles and can share to any social network.


iPhone; free

Most of us have phones packed full of photos that, if re-examined, would tell a story. Heyday stitches them together in a nice diary format that brings a narrative to your photos.

Camera Awesome

iPhone; free

While Instagram gives us filters and the new iPhone 5S has slow-motion video, this app improves the process of picture-taking for older iPhones with more control over shots.

Action Movie FX / FX Guru: Movie FX Director

iOS, Android; free

These two apps – one for iOS and the other for Android – are great fun. They super-impose special effects such as explosions, fires or aliens on to your own filmed clips.

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