Sunday 25 March 2018

Top 300 apps: Notes and planning

Phones and tablets are brilliant as pocketbooks and organisers

Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler


iOS, Android; free

This clever ‘clipping’ app is a kind of a cross between Evernote and Pinterest insofar as it’s designed to save snippets from the web such as recipes, photos, stories, notes and files. You can then get access to these collectibles by logging into your Springpad account from any other device.


Android; free

While it doesn’t have the early depth of Evernote, Freenote is a really flexible note-taking app that lets you mix and match inputs (text, scrawling, photos, highlighters).


iPad; free

While Samsung features physical writing as a prized function of its tablets and ‘phablets’, Penultimate does a good job as a handwriting app for the iPad.

Our Wedding Planner

Android; free

This is a decent app whose main aim is to help you organise and cross off major to-do tasks in the lead-in to your big day. It allows you to import guests from your contacts and shows budget charts.


iPhone, iPad; free

One of the problems with email is that it usually turns into a jumbled mess. Mailbox intelligently allows you to reassign email into time and scheduling slots. It currently works only with GMail.


iOS, Android; free

There are umpteen to-do apps out there, but this is definitely one of the best. Very simply designed, you can record and organise scheduled tasks quickly and without fuss.


iOS, Android; free

This is a superior personal to-do management app. While its arrangement of scheduled tasks is not better than the best of its rivals, its ability to share and draw comments from others is great.

Paper By FiftyThree

iPad; free

Beloved of designers, this is a top-notch brainstorming app that allows just about as much freedom to scrawl, doodle and annotate, within a neat framework, as is possible on a tablet.


iPhone; free

For redecorators, this app aims to replace your measuring tape. Point your phone’s camera at a space or corner and it will calculate the necessary measurements for 3D modelling on the hoof.

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