Thursday 14 December 2017

Top 300 apps: Music

Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

From getting concert tickets to making music ...


iPhone, Android; €10 per month

If you've given up on downloading music, but want to have access to a huge catalogue of albums, as well as the latest hits, Spotify is a nice option. On a PC, it allows you to listen to mix-and-match ‘radio’ streams for free. On a tablet, you're better off signing up to Spotify Premium, which lets you listen to music on the go and gives you an offline listening option, too. It costs €10 per month for mobile access.

Airsync For iTunes

Android; €5

One bugbear that Android users face is awkward synchronicity with iTunes. This app makes getting your iTunes on to your Android device a whole lot smoother.


iPhone, iPad; €4.50

One of the excellent programmes to come free with Apple Macs is Garageband, which lets you get creative with making music and podcasts. The app works particularly well for iPad.


iPhone; free

For gig-goers, this clever app scans your phone's music collection – as well as your Facebook profile – and tells you which of your favoured bands are playing concerts near you soon.


iOS, Android; free

This app grabs about 10 seconds of a song you can hear on a speaker near you, sends the clip back for a quick database check and reports back with the artist, song name and album.


iOS, Android; free

While Shazam lets you match a song being played aloud with its name and artist, Soundhound goes a step further. It tries to match your humming with a pop or rock song. Very innovative.


iOS, Android; free

This is the audio equivalent of Dropbox. It allows you to store and share recordings and other audio. Really easy to use.

Learn Guitar Chords

Android; free

This is a nice app that teaches beginners about guitar chords.


iOS, free; some in-app purchases

This is a very creative app that fuses instruments, drawing and music. There are 64 instruments divided into 16 groups.

Traktor DJ

iPad; €18

While there are lots of apps for mucking about with mixes and mash-ups, this brings some real DJ mixing tools – including crossfaders and filters – to the iPad.

iOS, Android; free

A nice implementation of this service's website that gives quick information on concert times, as well as cinema times, theatre and other entertainment happening around the country.


iOS, Android; free

While many of us have a love-hate relationship with Ticketmaster, it’s a necessary resource for anyone buying tickets to big music or theatrical events.

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