Thursday 23 November 2017

Top 300 apps: Media, radio, podcasts

Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

Phones and tablets are now our window on the world. Here's where to get your news

Pocket Casts

Android; €3.30

For Android users, Pocket Casts is one of the best podcast catchers out there. It starts you out with top-quality options such as This American Life and The Guardian Audio Edition and allows you build from there.


iOS, Android; free

Flipboard is what many newspapers wish they had created years ago. It’s an attractive interface for making your chosen news feeds resemble digital magazines.

Reddit News

iOS, Android; €1.50

For Reddit users, this has a nice, clean interface that allows you to read, vote and post in your favourite forums. There's also a free, ad-supported version (Reddit News Free).


Android; free

RSS feeds are still a great way of staying quickly updated on news from favourite websites. With a proper tablet interface, GReader is probably the best Android RSS app out there.


iOS, Android; free to download, per-magazine charges

Websites struggle to replicate gorgeous magazine spreads on a tablet. Zinio sorts this out. Lots of magazines are available, with a slight skew toward US and British titles.


iOS, Android; free

This app provides instant access to every major stock market around the globe, including the Irish Stock Exchange. You can look any stock up, check headlines and listen to podcasts.

Pulse News

iOS, Android; free

This is one of the best tech news aggregators around. It allows you to add news streams from prominent online news sites and place those sites' latest stories side-by-side.

TuneIn Radio

iOS, Android; free

Some phones (such as iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy S4) lack an FM radio receiver. This app allows you to listen to any radio stream, so long as the station has a web stream.

RTE Doc On One

iOS, Android; free

RTE schedules its superb radio documentaries at a time when most people won't hear them, but this free app is a way to catch up on what is often the best content on radio.

Gutenberg 2,300 Audiobooks

iPhone, iPad; €0.80

This is a range of classic (out-of-copyright) novels read by a selection of people.


Audiobooks From Audible

iPhone, iPad; free with in-app purchases

If you want the latest bestsellers on audiobook, this is probably the best app to get. It’s connected to Audible, which has about 85,000 audiobooks available.


Android; free

If you’re looking for a range of classic audiobooks or plays and don’t pay a Spotify premium, this is a decent app with almost 3,000 titles to choose from.

iOS, Android; free

The country’s most-read newspaper online delivers world news, Irish news, business news, sports news, entertainment news and breaking news via this app.

RTE News Now

iOS, Android; free

RTE’s video news reports, as well as a live news feed, can be accessed via this app, which has a straightforward layout.

The Sunday Business Post

iPhone, iPad; free

The ‘Sunday Business Post’ operates a daily business news service via iPhone, iPad and web apps for Android devices. Its Sunday newspaper is paywalled within the same app.

The Journal

iOS, Android; free

Online news publication The Journal brings its mix of news, entertainment and commentary in both iOS and Android apps.


iOS, Android; free

This is a superior radio and podcast-catching service. There are still some excellent podcasts out there. Stitcher allows you to browse the better ones, mostly from the US.

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