Thursday 18 January 2018

Top 300 apps: Health and beauty

Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

Here are the best apps to keep you feeling fit, healthy and looking good


iOS, Android; free

You've probably seen lots of people updating their Facebook statuses with this particular app: it keeps track of your runs using GPS. Because it’s social, it’s a very effective motivational tool to keep your exercise up.

Nike+ Running

iOS, Android; free

If you can get past the marketing element, this is one of the best running apps out there. It uses your phone’s GPS and gives you context with previous runs.

Daily Yoga

iOS, Android; free

For yoga novices, this free app gives quite a lot by way of moves, videos and information. It looks best on tablet devices.


iPhone, iPad; free

This is to dieting and calorie counting what Runkeeper is to exercise mapping. It’s very well designed and allows you to share results.

Noom Weight Loss Coach

iOS, Android; free

For those trying to stick to a diet, this comes as close to a personal coach within an app as you’ll get. It keeps track of your meals, has a pedometer, peer forum and even a ‘coach’ facility.


iOS, Android; free

If you’re wondering about the finer details of how to get Cara Delevingne’s cross eyebrows, Rihanna’s semi-skinned head or Florence Griffith Joyner’s nails, this is the app for you.

BP Monitor

iPhone, iPad; €1.80

While phones can’t really take your blood pressure, this app does a great job of correlating all sorts of medical data you may have into accessible graphs and illustrations.

Vision Test / Eye Test

iOS, Android; free

Both of these apps – one for each mobile platform – do a decent rudimentary job of testing some elements of your eyesight, searching for short and long sightedness, colour blindness and more.


iOS, Android; free

Self-diagnosis on the internet is a double-edged sword. That said, and despite its US slant, WebMD is probably the best single resource for quickly checking symptoms.

Visible Body 3D Anatomy Atlas

Android; €31

If you're a medical student (or simply a hypochondriac), this impressive app shows the human body's musculo-skeletal make-up – including bones, veins and organs – in fine detail.

Human Anatomy Atlas

iPhone, iPad; €27

Extremely detailed map of the human body, including animations and in-depth descriptions of what everything does.

iMuscle 2

iPad 2; €2.70

While there are a few apps to give a general musculo-skeletal overview of your body, this impressive edition concentrates purely on the muscles, both forensically and for exercisers.

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