Saturday 23 March 2019

Top 300 apps: Education

Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

Smartphones are killing the SMS star, thanks to these money-saving communications apps

Khan Academy

iOS, Android; free

Education is one area where the quality of apps out there – especially for tablets – excels. Few are better than the Khan Academy. This is a collection of thousands of short video tutorials on disparate educational subjects. Maths and science figure prominently, but there’s lots of choice. Incredibly, it’s all free. Services like this one will surely play a big part in future education.

The Elements

iPad; €13

For budding scientists, this is a stunning app that shows rotating images of every element in the periodic table.

iTunes U

iPhone, iPad; free

For those looking for a deep selection of extracurricular material from other third-level institutions, this is a great resource.

Journey To The ExoPlanets

iPad; €9

This is a beautifully illustrated exploration of planets and alien worlds outside our solar system. There’s a really nice planet-builder function, too.

Pythagoras The Game

iPhone, iPad; €1.80

High-quality educational games are hard to come by. This one gently teaches kids the basics behind Pythagoras theories through games and graphics.

Irish Driver Theory Test

iOS, Android; free with in-app purchases

For those sitting their theory tests for a provisional licence, this app covers all the potential questions you might be asked. To get more than one set of questions costs €4.


Android; €1.75

This is a fun, educational game that tests your knowledge on hundreds of world capitals, mountains and other places of note. It does this mainly using a pin that can be tagged around the globe.

My Class Schedule

Android; free

For secondary-school kids who want to keep track of classes, homework, teachers and holidays, this is a nicely done free scheduler for Android phones and tablets.

iOS, Android; free with in-app purchases

This is a service more than a standalone app. It offers quite a lot by way of past papers and even has an answer-correction service.


iOS, Android; free

Quora is one of the best sources of information, across a range of topics, on the web. Questions are asked and experts weigh in with explanations, simply to provide clarity. Essential.

Shakespeare In Bits

iOS; free with in-app purchases per play

This Irish-made app is one of the best educational programs in the App Store. It brings to life a series of Shakespeare plays with translation, graphics and a superb overall experience.

Collins Pocket Irish dictionary

iPad; €9

There are just under 70,000 translations here, about the same as a pocket dictionary. Collins also has pocket dictionaries in other languages available for iPad.

Starwalk for iPad

iPad, €2.70

This is a gorgeous, stimulating app that identifies constellations by pointing the tablet at the sky to reveal lots of information on planets, stars and other astro-physical phenomena.

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