Tuesday 20 February 2018

Top 300 apps: Communication

Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

Smartphones are killing the SMS star, thanks to these money-saving communications apps


iOS, Android; free

If you want to know why mobile operators are offering unlimited texts at the drop of a hat, it’s largely down to services such as Whatsapp. This is one of many apps that allows you to contact, text and chat to friends with phones or tablets while bypassing most operator charges. The system works in the same basic way that an email works. The service even allows you to identify yourself by your mobile phone number.

IM+ Pro

Android; €3

This app collects all of your instant messaging sources, including Facebook, Skype (and lots of others) into one overall communication app. An ad-supported version is available for free.


iOS, Android; free

Gmail is now the default webmail address for many people, partly because it integrates so neatly with smartphones' notification systems. Both tablet and smartphone versions are easy to use.


iOS, Android; free

The original online calling service allows you to set up a conversation with a friend for free. Alternatively, you can phone landlines or mobiles for a couple of cents per minute.

Facebook Messenger

iOS, Android; free

If you use Facebook a lot, then you probably use Facebook messaging. This app allows you to get straight into the messages without going through the normal Facebook app.


iOS, Android; free

This is one of the apps that brings tears to mobile operators’ eyes. Intended mainly for smartphones, Viber allows you to make calls or send messages to anyone else with Viber.

Last Message

Android; free

How many times has your phone battery died without you being able to contact someone? This app fires off a text, tweet or direct message at a predetermined level of battery reserve power.

Eircom Wifihub

iOS, Android; free

Eircom has a convoluted way of allowing certain customers broadband access in various Eircom hotspots around the country. This app is part of that process.

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