Friday 24 November 2017

Top 10 Spider-man villains who never made the movies

Frank Whelan

Frank Whelan

With Amazing Spider-man 2 fresh in cinemas, we take a look at ten of the best Spider-man villains who never made the silver screen.

Jackal - A geneticist who blames Spider-man for the death of Gwen Stacey, Jackal starts manipulating other villains into attacking Spider-man. His real lasting influence comes from his cloning work, creating a number of Spider-man clones that not only mess up Peter Parker's life, but confused many readers. For years we wondered "Who is the real Spider-man?"


Kingpin - If you get your superhero action from movies alone, you may think Kingpin is a Daredevil baddie, but he first appeared in the pages of Spider-man. A criminal mastermind, he has come up with plenty of schemes to ruin Spider-man's life. Although he might look overweight, most of his mass is muscle and he's surprisingly formidable in a fight.


Carnage - The result of an alien symbiote bonding with a psychopathic serial killer. More powerful than Venom (who makes Spider-man look like a lightweight) and not burdened by morality, Carnage is a killing machine.


Kraven the Hunter - A big game hunter, he prefers to kill his prey with his bare hands, albeit while powered by a mystical serum that gives him Spider-man levels of strength. He seemingly killed Spider-man and buried him on his estate, before dressing as the superhero and becoming a vigilante.


Mysterio - A master of special effects, illusion and hypnotism, Mysterio routinely tries his best to mess with Spider-man's mind. A fan of smoke and mirrors, Mysterio's elaborate plans usually land him in jail.


Scorpion - Mac Gargan was hired to investigate how Peter Parker gets such great shots of Spider-man. Later he's enrolled in a project to create an agent to stop Spider-man. What trumps a Spider? A scorpion! Transformed, Scorpion managed some early wins over Spider-man, but ultimately failed due to being not very bright. Similar super abilities to Spider-man (in terms of strength etc,) Scorpion usually fights with a 7ft mechanical tail equipped with various stings.


Hobgoblin - Not to be confused with the Green Goblin, the Hobgoblin is very very similar. The mask has been worn by many, but the first Hobgoblin was a rich fashion designer obsessed with Norman Osbourne (the Green Goblin.) Going after Spider-man because it was the done thing, his identity was one of the longest running Spider-man mysteries. He's one of those characters who just loves to turn up and wreak havoc.


Vulture - More scientists gone wrong, or engineer in this case. Quite an elderly man, but when wearing a self-created harness Vulture has super strength and the ability to fly. Many of his storylines see him striving the rejuvenate. At one point he even had it set up so that he grew younger while Spider-man grew older, but he was foiled in the end.


Alistair Smythe - Calling himself the "Ultimate Spider-Slayer," Alistair Smythe wants revenge for the death of his father, the designer of the Spider Slayer robots. As per usual, the death is wrongly blamed on Spider-man. He made some spider slayers of his own, but the ultimate form saw him wear a bio-carapace giving him super strength and a load of weapons.


Chameleon - One of the first Spider-man baddies, Chameleon started as merely a master of disguise but later developed the ability to change his appearance at will. Chameleon is more of a schemer than a stand-up and fight type, but he specialises in messing with your mind, as you'd expect from a man with a million faces.

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