Tuesday 19 March 2019

Six things you need for a perfect award show party

Credit: Instagram/queenmummposh
Credit: Instagram/queenmummposh

Jennifer McShane

Award season officially kicks off tonight, with the Golden Globes only hours away, so why not start the season with your own award show party?

You may not get to mingle with glamourous celebrities on the actual red carpet, or attend any award ceremonies (sorry), but you can still enjoy a winning night with friends as you debate who will win those coveted statuettes.

Credit: Instagram/ thankyou_moreplease
Credit: Instagram/ thankyou_moreplease

Award show parties have become a growing trend in recent years to mark the glitzy season, and the best part is that you can throw your own without too much effort.

We have put together a list of six things you need for that perfect award-wining party:


1. Your favourite outfit

Credit: Instagram/krissmith37
Credit: Instagram/krissmith37

Getting all dressed up is part of the fun, so that favourite outfit that’s been hanging in the back of your wardrobe for the past year? Get it out and don your finery for the night. Maybe you have an old debs dress that you’ve been dying to get another wear out of, or a formal gown or suit that you were sure you’d never use again? There’s no better time to wear it. You’ll feel (and look) like you’ve come straight from the red carpet. 


2. Movie memorabilia

Your venue of choice should be suitably decked out for the evening. Assuming the party will be full of any amount of film lovers, you’ll surely know at least one person that has an army of themed posters and memorabilia that you could use for decoration. How about all those posters of your favourite movie stars you collected as a teen? You’re mortified about them now, but there will be no better place for them. So take them out feeling shame free.

Credit: Instagram/urbanblisslife
Credit: Instagram/urbanblisslife

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3. Fancy food and drink

‘Fancy’ is an operative word here, the important thing is to stock up on plenty of grub for the night, as these award ceremonies go on until the early hours of the morning in Ireland, thanks to the time difference in the US. Little boxes of party food that can be whipped into the oven are a good idea, as are the multipacks of sweets and popcorn. If you’re budget doesn’t stretch to champagne, any sparkling liquid will do. Add in a few champagne glasses (the plastic variety will be perfect), and you’ll be good to go.


4. Your own ‘ballots’

Half the craic at these parties is placing bets to see if your favourite will walk away with the award. Having a ballot box and some score cards will add a fun dimension to the festivities, and encourage everyone to keep track of what’s going on as the evening stretches out. A little box (with a lot of gold glitter) will be ideal, and you can make your own ballot cards on your computer.


5. ‘Awards’ to hand out

After all that betting has gone on, it would be nice to award your triumphant guests if they guess the winners correctly. You don’t have to do anything fancy here. Some foil-covered chocolate statues would go down a treat, or if you were really feeling creative, you could make one special goodie bag with a few nick knacks for the overall winner. Just be sure to put a disclaimer on the bag to ensure no hurt feelings when your ‘winner’ sees that the bag lacks the designer gear that the stars will receive!

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6. Your guests

The night would be nothing without the company of your nearest and dearest, so invite all your friends, have fun and sit back and enjoy the show. 

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