Tuesday 16 January 2018

5 Cringe moments from the Rose of Tralee

Last night's Rose of Tralee brought more entertainment than it expected to.

Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

As Daithi O'Se would say, love it or hate it but it's got a million viewers.

The Rose of Tralee broadcast last night had more than it's fair share of awkward moments. From last year's Dublin Rose being described as "the girl who lost the plot on stage" during an interview to the most awkward marriage proposal yet, we've collected the best cringe moments you need to see.


The latest video to come out from the Rose of Tralee festival has to take the number one spot for being the cringiest video ever made. The Harlem Shake, ladies and gentlemen- only 6-8 months late.

Starring the eventual winner in center stage - coincidence?


Of course, we have to mention the fact that the winners' name was on the newbridge silverware TWO days before being crowned.

Cutlery prize shows name O'Sullivan two days before being presented. Pic RTE

THAT Awkward proposal

The New Orlean's rose was clearly not expecting her boyfriend to come on stage and drop to one knee.

Personally, I'm not sure what response I would be looking for if I proposed to someone but "No, no, no, no, please don't do this" wouldn't be on my top five.

The Leitrim Rose performing a 'Brush and Barrell dance".

We wonder what the American Roses thought of this. Are we fierce stereotypes altogether?


The 2011 Dublin Rose recreating the dance from her viral video clip with that lad from Crystal Swing.

She was a good sport even after being described as "your one who lost the plot", and offered to teach Derek her infamous dance from 2011.  Her face here, however, might just say it all about how that went.

dublin rose.jpg



The Darwin Rose reads Daithi O'Se a bedtime story.

Dramatic reading is often chosen as the 'talent' by Rose hopefuls,  but reading bedtime stories to the presenter is a new one.



The final interview with the newly-engaged couple.

The Rose herself is left giggling away in the background while her boyfriend does all the talking. When (finally!) asked a question ('Are you crying?') she describes it as "such a magical moment".

Can anyone say damage control?


Twitter reaction to the proposal:


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