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13 of Trigger's most memorable moments on Only Fools and Horses


Roger Lloyd-Pack (pictured), who has died aged 69

Roger Lloyd-Pack (pictured), who has died aged 69


Roger lloyd-Pack playing Trigger

Only Fools and Horses star Roger Lloyd-Pack passed away last night aged 69. Here we look at 13 of Trigger's most popular moments on the hit comedy.

1. TRIGGER: When we was at school Del was the best at Chemistry. He used to sell home-made fireworks. He even blew up the science lab once.

DENZIL: Yes I remember. I was doing detention in there at the time.


2.  Mike and Trigger are in The Nag's Head taking bets on the name of Del and Raquel's unborn baby.



MIKE: What name have they decided on?

TRIGGER: If it's a girl they're calling her Sigourney after an actress, and if it's a boy they're naming him Rodney after Dave.


3. Rodney talks to Trigger at the local publican's funeral after arriving dressed as Batman and Robin

RODNEY: We didn't know the fancy dress had been cancelled.

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TRIGGER: Me neither.

RODNEY: You mean, that's your costume?

TRIGGER: Yeah. I came as a chauffeur. [Thinks] I feel a bit stupid now.

RODNEY: Yeah, you do stand out.


4. RODNEY TROTTER: Trigger what are you doing here?

RIGGER: Well Dave, Del Boy said he'd give me a lift down the pub.

RODNEY TROTTER: Oh I suppose that's... Hold on, you live closer to the pub then we do?

TRIGGER: Yeah I know, but Del Boy said he'd give me a lift down the pub.

RODNEY TROTTER: But Trigger, you've had walk past the pub to get to our flat!

TRIGGER: I know, but Del Boy said he'd give me a lift down the pub.


5. TRIGGER: Problems, Dave?

RODNEY TROTTER: I don't want to talk about it Trig. You ever been wrongly accused of something?

TRIGGER: Yeah once.

RODNEY TROTTER: Yeah, How did you get out of it?

TRIGGER: Well I didn't - I was guilty.


6. LADY VICTORIA: [addressing Rodney] So, what's your name?


TRIGGER: [shouts from a distance] Watcha Dave!

RODNEY TROTTER: It is Rodney, he's just a bit thick.


7. GRANDAD[Rodney is furious after finding out the paint used on a decorating job was hooky]: Tunnels?

DEL BOY: What?

RODNEY TROTTER: No, he said that.

GRANDAD: Trigger said this was for painting signs used in tunnels. Well, how can you see a sign in a tunnel? It's dark, innit?

TRIGGER: Nah, 'salright, this is luminous paint.

DEL BOY: Exactly, Grandad, it's luminous paint and that means you can see in the - LUMINOUS?


8. TRIGGER: What you up to Dave?

RODNEY TROTTER: I'm listening to Mozart's Concerto No.5 in D-Minor.

TRIGGER: No words to this song Dave?

RODNEY TROTTER: No Trigger, it's an instrumental.

DEL BOY: All right Trigger? What you doing?

TRIGGER: I'm listening to Mozart's Concerto No.5 in D-Minor.

DEL BOY: Okay.

TRIGGER: It's the karaoke version.


9. (Trigger, Del, Rodders, Sid and Boycie chating in Sid's cafe. Trigger has just been presented with an award for saving the council money.)

TRIGGER And that's what I've done. Maintained it for 20 years. This old brooms had 17 new heads and 14 new handles in its time.

SID: How the hell can it be the same bloody broom then?

TRIGGER: Theres the picture. What more proof do you need?



10.  Trigger, Denzil and Co. attend Del and Rodney's bankruptcy court case.

TRIGGER: When I go in there, I'll just say I hear voices.

DENZIL: Trigger, you're not a character witness.

TRIGGER:  I know. But I still hear voices!


11.  Del and Trigger are trying to get into the council tip.

DEL: It's closed!

TRIGGER: (Checks watch) Well, it's a bit late, innit?.

DEL: What d'you mean 'a bit late?' You said it was open twenty four hours a day.

TRIGGER: Yeah, but not at night!


12.  Del, Rodney, Denzil, Boycie and Mike are all upstairs in The Nag's Head wondering who organised the school reunion when Trigger walks in.

DEL, BOYCIE and MIKE: Trigger!

TRIGGER: Alright.

DEL: Wait a minute. Maybe Trigger organised this!

BOYCIE: Oh turn it up, Del Boy. Trigger couldn't organise a prayer in a mosque.

TRIGGER: I got lost on me way here.

DENZIL: How could you get lost? You've been coming to this pub since you were 16!

TRIGGER: No I found the pub alright. I meant I couldn't find this room. (To Mike) I've been in your dance hall for the last hour.

MIKE: But all the lights are out!

TRIGGER: I know.

BOYCIE: You've been standing in the dark for an hour?

TRIGGER: Yeah I thought we were all gonna jump out and surprise someone.

MIKE: But there was no one else in there.

TRIGGER: But I didn't know that, did I? The lights were out. How you going, Dave?

13. Trigger on Gandhi

TRIGGER: "He made one great film and then you never saw him again..."


How did Trigger get his nickname?