Monday 20 November 2017

10 things that seem smaller as you get older

Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

The 'Celebrations' tub has been reduced by around 100g since this time last year, meaning there'll be less sweets around the tree this Christmas. Even at the previous size of 855g, the tub has seemed smaller and smaller as we've gotten older.

Inspired by this, we took a look back at ten things that seemed much bigger when you were younger.

1. Trousers

Trousers seem to get tighter and smaller as we get older, halfway due to the skater style being swapped for skinny jeans and half - possibly - due to our expanding waistlines. 


2. Paychecks

Remember when you got your first paycheck? Remember how rich you felt and how much you bought with it? That's a distant memory, unfortunately.


3. Your childhood bedroom

The bedroom that you successfully shared with a sibling for years now couldn't even contain you and your most essential items.



4. The Christmas Tree

It could just be that fact that we are now a lot taller, but Christmas trees seem a lot smaller these days.

christmas tree.jpg


5. The doctor's waiting room

The possibilities for this room when you were younger- and the best ones had toys to keep you endlessly entertained. Now they seem tiny, cramped and full of sneezing children.


6. Trains

Trains were the biggest, scariest, most exciting public transport when you were younger. Now they're part of most people's everyday routine.



7. Spud guns

No longer the most terrifying weapon on earth.



8. The TV

While screens have gotten bigger, the overall presence of the TV seems to have dimished. Maybe it's simply the removal of the huge back or maybe you're just not as impressed anymore.



9. Taytos

These seemed to last much longer when you were younger.

Tayto crisps

10. Gameboy screens

Have you ever tried to play a game on your old Gameboy? The screen is tiny - impossible to see anything - and what's the point of this game, anyway?

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