Saturday 31 January 2015

Sony World Photography Awards 2013


Bus Stop by Stephen Wright, UK, who says: I noticed 99 percent of which were elderly or infirm/disabled in some way, except the young boy in the middle, who refuses to give up his seat.
iPod by Wong Yu Liang, Malaysia
Shepherd by Behrad Mostafaee, Iran
Ape Family by Jozef de Fraine, Belgium
Waterfall Sofrudzhu by Sergei Scherbakov, Russia
Selfridges, Birmingham by Tomasz Borkowski, Poland
An untitled picture by Simone Tramonte, Italy
Stronger by Carlos Bermúdez, Uruguay
Happiness by Eric Bettinger, Germany
The Mortuary by Fernando Torres, Mexico
Trophy Hunter by Vadim Kachan, Belarus
Carlotta and the Reflection by Massimo Genovesi, Italy
Triple Red by Max van Son, Netherlands. Taken at Community Centre SESC Pompiao Paulo, Brazil. Architect: Lina Bo Bardi.
Intense Boat Race by Chaiyot Chanyam, Thailand
Got To Get It by James Chong, Singapore. Taken during the feeding time in the largest natural park for wild Siberian tigers in China
Friends by Satyajit Saha. India
Heron by William Kass, Brazil. Taken in the Maldives
Mom by Roman Tripler, Germany
Niagara Evening by Miho Birimisa, USA
100 Smiles by Ata Mohammad Adnan, Bangladesh
Street Food by David Barbe, Belgium. Part of his NYC Subway series
The Bathers by Michel Lagarde, Singapore
Miner by Roman Shalenkin, Russia
Madonna from Nepal by Artem Zhushman, Russia
Protest Rap by Sean Batten, UK
Butterfly Girl by Chris Crisman, USA
Happiness by Rezwan Bion, Bangladesh
A Lady Doing her Laundry by Ruel Maxphil Saligumba, Philippines
Too late? by Walter Schonenbrocher, Germany

The World Photography Organisation has announced the countdown to the close of the 2013 Sony World Photography Awards, one of the world’s leading photographic awards. There is just one month remaining for professional and amateur photographers from around the world to select and enter their best images of the year. The deadline for entries for the ten Open categories, for amateurs and enthusiasts, is 4 January 2013. The Professional competition, with 15 categories for serious photographers, will close on 9 January 2013. All entries are free via and the shortlist will be revealed on 5 February 2013. This gallery features some of the images entered into the 2013 Open categories. All pictures courtesy of 2013 Sony World Photography Awards

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