Thursday 18 December 2014

Oscar Pistorius trial: What Pistorius claims, what the prosecution claims – and how the two different versions don't add up

Published 17/04/2014 | 14:14

Forensic expert Roger Dixon gestures during the trial of  Olympic and Paralympic track star Oscar Pistorius at North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria April 15, 2014. The prosecutor in the murder trial of Oscar Pistorius ended his five-day cross-examination of the double amputee track star on Tuesday with a stark summary of how he shot his girlfriend, insisting he killed her deliberately after an argument. REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko (SOUTH AFRICA - Tags: CRIME LAW)
Forensic expert Roger Dixon gestures during the trial of Olympic and Paralympic track star Oscar Pistorius at North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria

As the Oscar Pistorius murder trial begins an adjournment until 5 May, we look at the key evidence presented by Pistorius and the prosecution so far – and how the different versions of events don't add up.

When did they last eat?

Pistorius says: Reeva cooked chicken strips and a vegetable stir-fry, and they ate at 7pm

The prosecution says: Vegetable matter found in Reeva’s stomach very strongly indicates she ate within two hours of death. And she is unlikely to have gone downstairs and eaten in the middle of the night, as it would have required unlocking the bedroom door, and deactivating the downstairs alarm.

When did the pair go to bed?

Pistorius says: The pair went to bed at between 9 and 10pm.

The prosecution says: The contents of Reeva's stomach suggest she ate around 1am, which was when a neighbour Estelle Van der Merwe says she heard arguments.

Who was awake – and when?

Pistorius says: He spoke to Reeva at around 3am, that she said to him: "What’s wrong, baba? Can’t you sleep?" And he replied, "not tonight".

The prosecution says: Why was this detail not made clear at the bail application, when he seemed to suggest he didn’t know if Reeva was asleep or awake.

What about the fans on the balcony?

Pistorius says: He went to the balcony to ‘bring in two fans’

The prosecution says: Why was there only one fan mentioned at the bail application a year ago, and why is he no longer claiming he went fully on to the balcony, and is now saying only part of one the fans was outside the balcony doors.

And the blue LED light on the stereo?

Pistorius says: He picked up Reeva’s discarded jeans, wishing to place them over a blue light coming from his amplifier, that was disturbing him.

The prosecution says: There were many lights on the amplifier, not just the blue one, and a red light on the television. Why was that one bothering him so much?

Why were Reeva's jeans on the floor and inside out?

Pistorius says: He picked up Reeva’s jeans from the floor.

The prosecution says: Why were Reeva’s jeans discarded on the floor, inside out, when all her other possessions were folded away neatly in her overnight bag? The prosecution says they were there because she was intending to put them on. That they had had an argument and she wanted to leave.

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