Sunday 25 June 2017

The best #horsemeat Twitter gags following Tesco burger blunder

TWITTER has seen thousands of tweets about horse meat since the scandal broke - here are some of the best.

Ten great horsemeat gags....

@Freddie_UK: A woman has been taken to hospital after eating horsemeatburgers. Her condition is said to be stable.

@BobJWilliams: I expect this only relates to those mini-burgers you have as snacks. You know, the horse d'oeuvres.

@JohnMoynes: I get all my horsemeat from an independent dodgy butcher.

@DiamondsIRL: Are you in favour of Horsemeat in your burgers? Yay or Neigh?

@GBretman: So horsemeat has been found in TescoProducts but a spokesman says It's bollocks

@pinkyperfection: I had a tesco burger and now I'm feeling a little horse

@brucel: Those Aldi horse burgers were nice, but I prefer My Lidl Pony

@PaulLewis: Scientist: "Sir, we've discovered horse meat in your burgers." Tesco boss: "Why the long face?"

@PensionsMonkey: There was an old woman who swallowed a horse, she'd been to Tesco, of course.

@elhaydo: Good thing about these horse puns is it's stopped all the sick Jimmy Saddle jokes

And one really bad one...

@johnprescott: I really hope they launch a steward's inquiry into the Tescohorsemeat scandal. We must find out hoof to blame

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