Saturday 19 August 2017

Shocking figures show 328 children were preyed upon

Here are some figures which show the extent of Jimmy Savile's depravity.

• 450 people have come forward alleging sexual abuse by Savile since October.

• 328 of these people were children when they were preyed upon.

• 214 criminal offences have been linked to the disgraced presenter across 28 police forces.

• 34 of these reports were allegations of rape.

• 126 of the recorded crimes have been defined as "indecent acts".

• 26 of Savile's alleged rape victims were women and eight were men.

• 14 offences were committed at schools, in some cases after children wrote to Savile as part of 'Jim'll Fix It'.

• 600 people have provided information to the investigative team.

• £450,000 (€544,000) has been spent on the police investigation to date.

• 57 allegations have been linked to hospital premises, including hospices.

• 33 claims of abuse have been linked to broadcast studios.

• 14 inquiries or reviews have been launched since allegations against Savile were broadcast on October 4.

Katie Hodge

Sunday Independent

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