Friday 22 September 2017

Life. . . but not as we know it

John von Radowitz

EVEN Dr Who might be taken aback at the sight of these aliens.

The bizarre jellyfish-like beings were dreamed up by a British scientist as an example of life "not as we know it".

This is what evolution might have come up with on a world such as Saturn's moon Titan, Dr Maggie Alderin-Pocock believes.

She envisages creatures that float through clouds of methane, scooping chemical nutrients into their mouths.

Dr Alderin-Pocock, a leading scientist at European space company Astrium, said: "Our imaginations are naturally constrained by what we see around us, and the conventional wisdom has been that life needs water and is carbon-based.

"But some researchers are doing exciting work, playing with ideas such as silicon-based life forms.

Based on the latest discoveries, she also believes as many as four intelligent extra-terrestrial civilisations could exist in our galaxy, but they are so far away, it is unlikely we will ever meet them.

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