Wednesday 18 October 2017

Cash-strapped mums discuss 'webcam stripping' tips on popular parenting website

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Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

Cash-strapped mums are using a popular parenting website to share tips on webcam stripping in order to make some extra money.

The website, Mumsnet, which features parenting tips such as potty training and how to deal with tantrums has several threads on its site about 'webcam stripping'.

One woman sparked the debate saying: “I have seriously been considering taking up online webcam work to earn extra money to buy the equipment I need.”

She asked fellow mums on the page if she had “lost her mind” or “does it make sense?”

The thread attracted hundreds of comments with one person asking if she could “get a Government grant or something” instead.

One user wrote: “I have a friend who does it and it pays well but she does remove all her clothes and pleasure herself. I can't imagine many people will pay to see someone dressed.”

Another wrote that you could “easily earn £50 for an hour or two online” to which she got a reply “£50 for two hours. Why not sell your soul to the devil?”

Other users shared their experiences with one saying her sister did it for 5 months because she didn’t have enough money for the car she wanted.

“My sister did it for 5 months because she only at £14000 and needed £17500 to buy the Audi A1 she wanted. I agree with every word you say about women who do it because of poverty and the vile men who abuse them. My sister was not one of these people she wanted leather seats and black alloys. She got them too,” she wrote.

One woman said that even though she has a Master's degree and has worked in retail, offices and restaurants she “still prefers to work as a webcam girl”.

“It was a definite choice,” she said.

Mumsnet is one of the UK’s largest parenting websites and has almost 8 million members.

It’s not the first time the parenting website has been at the centre of a controversial discussion - in 2013 a woman shared intimate rituals between her and her husband claiming that he had a “penis beaker” to wash himself after sex.

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